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Welcome! I’m excited to learn more about you and how I may be able to support your enormous vision and create immense wealth to support that!

Here’s where you are right now:

You’re making great money, your offers are filling, you are established as an expert in your field, but…..

You’ve found yourself trapped in another income ceiling, despite wanting to make millions, because you’re focussed on the wrong solution and it’s costing you millions.

The solution is not to work harder, create more content, or ‘heal your money story’ through mindset work.

The solution IS to out-create the ceiling.

To rise above it, to expand into even greater income potential than you can even fathom because your brain has been wired to focus on fixing vs. expanding beyond.

The version of you that holds $500K/yr is very different than the future version of you that holds $3M/yr.It starts with expanding your capacity to hold exponentially more money - now!

When Christina came into my world, she was making amazing money, had a huge & engaged following, was very well respected as an industry leader, yet her income was not reflecting that.

She was frustrated because she likes to move quickly and her stagnant $10K/mth income felt suffocating.

She knew that she was destined for way more wealth, she just didn’t know how to allow it in.

After one call of expanding her capacity to hold millions, she leapt into consistent 6+figure months, bought a multi-million dollar home a few months later, has gone on to create other businesses (and even sell one.

This is a regular occurrence in my world.

High performing women, like you, rising quickly once we expand capacity to hold more.

If you are already enjoying 6-7 figures, are trapped in an income ceiling, like to move quickly, and are ready for millions to arrive now, let’s explore how we can work together.

Before you dive in and take a few moments to answer some questions to begin the process of exploring whether this mastery-level channeling immersion is a fit for you, here is some more information about Jennifer so that you can get a sense of the level of mentorship you are about to step into:

More About Your Next Mentor...

Jennifer is an award winning CEO, 11 time best selling author and founder of the #1 Akashic Record Training School in the world. Over the past 20 years, her school has certified over 100,000 consultants in over 100 countries and has been translated into 5 languages.

She is also a clear channel for Mother Malia: The Great Mother who comes to earth during times of great transition, like the collective ascension we are experiencing now. She is here to restore the original codes of The Land of The People, to reawaken the gold codes as they were intended, and support as many light leaders as possible elevate into their sacred mission and allow in millions to fuel the spread of their sacred gifts.

When she is not channeling and providing high level strategic guidance to light leaders, you can find her enjoying trips with her family, hikes with her dog, or tending to her 100+ rare plant collection.

In order to be invited to a call with me or someone from my team to explore whether mentorship is a fit, please be sure to thoroughly complete the questions below:

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