Akashic Records Training

Feeling a strong pull to learn how to easily connect with your Akashic Records and even offer it as a powerful service to your valued community?
Ready to expand your intuitive gifts, soul’s purpose, magnetism, and vibration exponentially (and show others how to do the same)?This power-packed certification program is for you if:

Experience what’s possible when you leverage the Akashic Records and dynamic high level coaching techniques.

Through this program, your wings are ready to expand and you are going to stand taller and be more impactful than you ever thought possible. This comprehensive training and certification program will provide you with the tools and resources to spread hope and faith in a time of uncertainty. As we move toward this new 5D shift, Akashic Record Mastery certification will allow you to provide guidance that can be put to use in the current 3D timeline - now is the time for action.

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