Taryn van der Merwe

Certified Teacher & Certified Consultant
Contact details:
Website: www.goldenwildflower.co.za
Email: taryn@goldenwildflower.co.za

“Your journey is leading you back home to your heart, within the ever presence of love and grace, always.”

Taryn is an international holistic transformational healer, teacher, and divine feminine wayshower. She accesses the sacred information of your soul within the Akashic Records all whilst connecting to her own intuitive medicine of Heartsense Healing™. As a heart-centered channel who serves in the realms of higher consciousness, Taryn guides highly conscious spiritual leaders, soul-aligned entrepreneurs, & the spiritually mature into the truth and origin of outdated fears, illusions, beliefs, wounds, cycles of abuse and self-sabotage.

Taryn specializes in clearing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual light bodies of dense intrusive, harmful, and energetic programming and imprinting. As soon as Taryn entered the Akasha there was an instantaneous returning ‘home’, a deep soul remembrance, activation, and calibration of her innate gifts.

“I have used my own experiences and healing within my Akashic Records to successfully move beyond the terror and fear of being seen and heard as a Healer. I now embrace the expression of my divinity and truth, as an embodied wayshower for others. It is my deepest desire to be of service to others and play my part in mending the sacred hoop of humanities heart.”

Working in the Akashic Records through the Soul Journeys® method, with Taryn aligns spiritual leaders with:

  • Liberating you from enslaved systems, intrusive energies, and matrices.
  • Moving beyond the terror, fear, and limitations of the ‘witch and sister wounds’.
  • Receiving deeper understanding, clarity, and unlocking your innate soul wisdom.
  • Transcending beyond deep ancestral and religious programming, outdated patterns, beliefs, and illusions.
  • Expanding your capacity to hold higher levels of consciousness and light.
  • Re-connecting you to your innate and divine blueprint of abundance, grace, and sovereignty.
  • Living within the ever presence of love and grace.
  • Accessing and living from your greatest potential.
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