Seryna Myers

Certified Consultant
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I was a child who only knew there was infinite potential – anything was possible. I whispered to the trees, sent tears up to the angels, and experimented with all things Spirit. If I read about it in a book, I tried it out. It was a natural sense of adventure and curiosity that started to fade as I got older, and by the time Id hit my mid-20s, I was fully disconnected from the expansion I’d experienced as a kid.

Suddenly potential wasn’t infinite, it was finite, and it was limited for the exclusive few. And if you could tap into it, it was big, and scary, and would lead to overwhelm.

Have you been there?

In my late 20s I started rediscovering my connection to Spirit, and began loving and nurturing the parts that were rooted in fear. Almost a decade later, after studying neuro-feedback, shamanic practices, mediumship and angels, I fully immersed into working with the Akashic Records, deepening my connection to Self and Spirit almost instantly. I rediscovered potential and possibility, and started to explore how I’d bring them both to my work as a brand strategist and mentor.

Today, I help people navigate all the layers they’ve put between themselves and their potential because they thought it was safe, or what they were supposed to do. By dialoguing with the Record Keepers, they’re able to become an active co-creator in their lives. I create a sacred, safe space for honest conversations with themselves, and their souls true desire so they can build a life with purpose, on purpose, and can redefine success on their own terms. And we get to do it all with joy, ease and grace.

If you’re ready to go deeper, to explore the hidden parts of yourself to unleash the power of your potential, I’d love to hear from you.

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