Robyn McKay, PHD

Advanced Certified Teacher & Consultant
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“You’ll never achieve the success you crave until you transform at the soul level.”

An authority on the psychology of talented people and sought-after teacher of spiritual law, Robyn McKay works with high EQ executives and leaders in tech, fintech, and healthcare, as well as elite-level performers in sports and entertainment.

Robyn is known as a “whole brain” coach for the intellect and the soul. She often tells her clients, “I can work with your intellectual abilities as well as with your emotions, but I can’t help you to truly transform unless I know your soul.”

Robyn has a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Kansas and over 20 years of ongoing education and training in world religions, metaphysics and spiritual law, as well as spiritual intelligence and consciousness studies. She integrates the very best of principles and practices into her elite-level executive leadership practice. For Robyn, the Akashic Records is the fastest, most joyful, and most efficient way she’s uncovered to facilitate the soul-level transformation that’s required for authentic personal and professional success high-level leaders crave.

Working in the Akashic Records with Robyn gives high EQ leaders short-cuts to:

  • Clarity about next steps in their relationships, careers, and personal development.
  • Create a clear mission, vision, and purpose for their legacy of giving back and making the world better than how they found it.
  • Develop a “right relationship” with the future.
  • Have authentic confidence in their decisions.
  • Manifest their heart’s desires.
  • Use their seats at the table in positive, innovative ways.
  • Transform negative patterns and beliefs around relationships, money, sales, work, and creativity.
  • Unhook and recover from past traumas.
  • Quick and efficient recovery from symptoms of burnout.
  • Reconnect with the unlimited reservoir of creative and innovation.
  • Break through glass ceilings to step into the rare air of the c-suite and beyond.
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