Richelle Payer

Certified Consultant
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When I was first introduced to the Akashic Records, it took my breath away. It was a homecoming like no other; I had been waiting my whole life for this moment; I just hadn’t realised it yet.

As I started on my healing journey, I was on the slow boat to wellbeing. Though I was covering new ground, my journey felt like it was going to take forever. I started to get nauseated at the thought of it continuing this way and I knew I needed to get off. Not only did I want to get off; I wanted to fly. I wanted to soar to new heights. The only thing that was standing in my way was the smallest of details; I didn’t quite know what this looked like or how it was going to happen. After I came to this realization, it just so happened that I received an email from Baljit regarding a retreat she was hosting on the Sunshine Coast.

Everything in me knew I needed to be there, so I sprang into action and signed up. Over the weekend, we were held in an Akashic Circle and the transformation that occurred was incredible. Deeply rooted trauma’s emerged, shame that was hidden away in the darkest of crevasse’s was found. I had an emotional release like no other; so much so it took my breath away. Though within this Sacred Circle, I was held. There was a strength and support that I hadn’t felt before. It was safe and I was ready. Within a short amount of time, I had let go of a lifetime of worries, a lifetime of shame and guilt and betrayal. I walked away feeling lighter and brighter. I was grounded and connected to my heart. I was more ‘Me’.

So without skipping a beat, I partnered with Baljit, and it was through our mentorship that I discovered the possibilities and power that reside within the Akashic Records.

Fear, depression and addiction that once were always at my side, transformed. I was showing up to my life in ways that I haven’t even dreamt about. Session by session, root by root; I called back my Truth and my Power.

I let go of shame, I let go of blame, I let go of the victim that used to be ever so present within me. I took responsibility for my life, and started to see the world with a fresh perspective and new eyes. It felt like I was seeing the world for the first time and I reclaimed my sovereignty.

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