Natalie Woodman

Master Consultant – Trauma Informed
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“Your body is your Portal and the key to what you desire most in your life.”

I believe that when you hide aspects of yourself, shrink yourself to fit a mould, suppress your voice or your emotions, ignore or deny aspects of yourself, you harm your body and you stop your body from healing and you block the potency of your work you have to share in this world!

To heal fully, all of you need to be allowed to show up fully. When you acknowledge and welcome all of you, this is when you truly start to heal and when your full potency is allowed to shine through in what you say and do.

As a Body Alchemist, (with 24 years of experience of bodywork as a neurological rehabilitation physiotherapist and transformational embodiment coach), I’m able to see the deep emotional wounds currently influencing your life experiences that are ready to be shifted to create the life you want. I help your body and you make the exponential quantum shifts in your life with ease and grace as you reconnect with your body, your unique gifts and wisdom you have access to that makes your work more potent and uniquely you.

I help high achieving women:

  • Activate their bodies as a clear Portal to call forth what they desire most
  • Alchemise trauma and or dense energy held in the body that is ready to shift to achieve embodied expansion
  • Learn to trust their bodies again
  • Relearn how to trust their TRUTH and Divine Wisdom flowing through them
  • Learn how to listen to their body, read the signs and signals the body gives, and how to help the body fully heal
  • See, feel, and hear what their bodies have to say and how to implement the wisdom to embody quantum leaps without health crises or burnout along the way
  • Gain clarity around their purpose and mission
  • Maintain momentum after expansion without the boomerang of expansion / contraction
  • Define and Live life on their own terms in vibrant, healthy, energised bodies

Please know that my work goes so much deeper than you regaining a deepening connection with your physical body. I help you create your dream life, on your terms. Heart magic is where we start.

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