Mously Le Blanc

Certified Teacher & Consultant
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“Love is medicine and it starts with you!”

As an Ivy league educated and trained physician who’s been recognized as a Top Doctor, I was used to using my logical mind to help people. Everything changed when personal life circumstances turned my life upside down and I realized the strong connection between love and healing. And the most powerful type of love is self love- it is medicine to the soul. My focus completely changed in how I “doctored” and my patients experienced amazing healing and positive outcomes. I then became a love coach and helped women heal their marriages.

I later had a spiritual awakening and learned many modalities (Reiki, acupuncture, chakra balancing, shiatsu, reflexology and QiGong).

But everything seemed trivial once I learned of the Akashic records.

What struck me about the Akashic Records is that it quickly gets to the absolute core of the issue and after experiencing a single session, major shifts and transformations occurred for me.The light bulb went off for me. Why coach women for 6 months towards transformation when major transformation can occur in a single hour? We’ve been fed a lie that healing and transformation takes a lot of time and effort. No! In fact, transformation and healing can occur in a moment with ease.

Since becoming a certified Akashic Record Consultant, I’ve used it as my primary means of working with clients to masterfully empower them to create their life of bliss.

I coach high achieving, purpose-driven women to get unstuck to earn money fast with ease so that they can fall back in love with their purpose and life to ultimately be happy, healthy, and wealthy.

I believe that as divine queens, we are all entitled to our heart’s desires and that we don’t have to sacrifice our sanity, health and relationships to be successful. I am a motivational speaker and have been featured on CBS and FOX. I love to inspire women with my podcast and book entitled, “Unleash the Healing Within.”

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