Milada Sakic

Certified Consultant
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I am truly blessed beyond measure & infinitely grateful because I have had a privilege and honour of meeting Jennifer Longmore in this lifetime. I have coached with Jennifer, learned from her, experienced her work first hand in many enlightening one-on-one and group sessions and remain in awe of her gift.

She is an Enlightened Wisdom Keeper that holds a sacred and magical key to wholeness, a Master Soul Coach Extraordinaire whose spiritual leadership is invaluable to wellbeing of humanity today! Before studying and coaching with Jennifer and experiencing the Akashic Records healing, I have spent years of studying astrology & Eastern Mysticism and continued to search for a holistic way of accurately & consistently accessing my inner guidance. Then, meeting Jennifer felt like a magical breakthrough.

Jennifer interprets energy & the Akashic Records with laser-like accuracy and with her solution-focused approach she quickly zooms in on the core issue within seconds of speaking with you and immediately identifies most valuable information that will empower you to be able to make practical decisions today.

Immediately after my first session with Jennifer and remembering my soul’s purpose, more joy, expansion, clarity and purpose flooded my life in the most loving and harmonious way. One of the greatest shifts I had with Jennifer as my teacher was realigning to Who I Truly Am from a place of highest integrity and highest good, which deeply resonated with me. It is that feeling of exhilaration, expansiveness & joy that confirms you are on the right path while being more of who you are without a shadow of a doubt. Coaching with Jennifer has been invaluable to me because it not only brought powerful healing into my life, but with a sense of urgency I soon realized that more people needed to learn about her work and The Soul Journeys Method, so I was deeply inspired to become a soul coach, teacher and healer myself so that I could help more people realign with their purpose.

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