Melissa Edwards

Advanced Certified Teacher & Consultant
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“I knew there was another way, I just hadn’t found it yet.

In the beginning, I remember wanting to find a way to just exist among the stars. There was an energetic fire burning within me and I had no idea how to be with or calm it. I held so much anger and reacted from such deep hurt and pain that fiery physical symptoms couldn’t help but manifest. With no guidance around healthy coping skills, I was determined to break the trajectory of generational harm. Maybe you can relate?

Through my studies in herbs, energy, body alignment, generational patterns, trauma, nature, flower and gem essences, I had explored and healed so much in my body. Yet.. I knew there was more.

When I came across Jennifer Longmore’s Akashic Record program, all of a sudden I came home to myself – what it REALLY felt like to be present in my body, to know how to honor this beautiful vessel I arrived here in, to be in the truth of my power and the power of my truth. I felt possibilities, instead of a “stuckness”. True knowing, instead of doubt. I remembered who I really AM, and how utterly joyful it is to be in service and on a mission, on this planet; a feeling that had eluded me for years.

Now, as a trauma informed Akashic Record reader, I help you uncover and clear the root of repeated reactions and patterns. I assist you in dissolving interference and old programming that’s keeping you from moving forward and taking action. I am passionate about guiding others into full embodiment, full life, and supporting people in discovering what their empowerment looks and feels like.

I now know that we have the power to change our narratives. We are abundant with possibility, and it is in our power to create harmony within ourselves and in the world.”

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