Martine Kleissen

Advanced Certified Consultant
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I believe that the power and vibration of love, heart-centered connection, and transformational-growth flourish when in union with sacred connection and compassion for the wholeness of our humanity and our divinity.

My passion is creating sacred spaces for women to feel the deep wisdom of their heart as a catalyst to remember who they are as they embrace their highest expression of love and freedom. I hold deep reverence for transformation and inner alchemy through the sacred tantric practice of facilitating Kundalini Dance and the traditional Andean wisdom-teachings of the rainbow frequency of healing medicine with the serpent (mind), puma (body) and condor (soul).

My healing journey began in 2009 and I have continued to pour love and compassion into my expansion and alchemical transformation that has deepened my inner knowing and remembrance of beauty, truth, and soulful expression.

I will always remember my first Akashic Record reading with Baljit as a very powerful healing for myself, my maternal line, and embracing my expression of wisdom and intuitive embodiment. I re-aligned with my truth as my highest expression and embraced pathways of feminine BE-ing and released old patterns of continuous doing, serving and working. I knew from that first session that the Akashic Record alchemical map was in complete alignment with Kundalini Dance and Andean Wisdom – but was on the sacred dance floor of life, from the comfort of your own home. This felt like a deep knowing of truth and a homecoming to add this transformational practice to my own embodiment and as a sacred offering to my community.

I feel deep gratitude and honour for the life I live and the magnificent transformations I get to witness in myself and others. I’m honoured to be a loving vessel for this wisdom and the remembrance of your most loving path in life.

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