Marlys Stradmeijer

Certified Teacher & Master Consultant – Trauma Informed
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What is my gift? How can I lean into this gift- and express my inner truth? These were big questions on my journey. A journey that has been full of challenges.

I always felt different than other people. Later I understood that I was intuitive and highly sensitive. I just knew and felt things that I could not explain in a rational way. This felt like a challenge, growing up in an intellectual world where doing your best, and striving for success were the key.

I started my search academically and received a Master’s in Communications. Body work was another direction where I looked for answers. It provided me with more information about Body Consciousness. For self-expression I explored several fields: theatre, dancing and singing. But there was always something missing in my search to figure out what was holding me back from fully expressing my inner truth. 😊

The Akashic Records Keepers were the missing link. They helped me by giving me clarity on my path and my mission, and by clearing what’s standing in the way in the most easy and joyful way. Beyond what I could ever imagine or hope for! Since 2008, I have my own company that focuses on coaching and expression. My mission is to help my clients to become the best versions of themselves, and to stand in and express their inner truth.

I truly believe you are here with a gift… your contribution to the world! However, through our life experience, education, societal and parental expectations, we unfortunately cover our light under many layers. As a result, we tend to lose our divine connection and dim our light.

My purpose is to help you reconnect you with your inner light so you can stand in and express your inner truth. By opening your Akashic Records, I can realign you with the divine information that’s here to serve you, and clear what’s in the way.

Working with the Akashic Records is coaching with the speed of light. The information is free of judgment. By opening your Akashic Records, you will be provided with divine guidance and information to serve your light, all while clearing the roadblocks that are in the way.

I will be honoured to give you an Akashic Records Reading, and to help you shine your light.

Your light is so much needed!

Language: English or in Dutch.

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