Margy Yu

Certified Consultant
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Hi, I’m Margy Yu

I am here to support you in putting yourself first without the influence of what other people want for you. I know from experience that people-pleasing and not letting people down can only interfere with your health, happiness and success. I know that when you make the decision to say ‘yes’ to yourself , saying ‘no’ to everything else is challenging and the fear of missing out is hard to shake off.

It’s my absolute honour to be your humble intuitive guide and be in service to people like you who are ready to take a leap of faith, heal from trauma and actualize your authentic self.

When you work with me, I provide a sensitive and supportive presence where we can explore the depths of your belief systems, heal what’s holding you back and revel in clarity.
My intention for working with you is to invoke the ultimate potential of your ideal life, feel deserving and worthy of what you desire and wake up every morning excited about what’s to come.

Are you ready to live confidently and do amazing things? I look forward to connecting with you. The world needs your legacy.

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