Louisa Havers

Master Teacher Trainer
For more information about working with Louisa in your Akashic Records, or for the next live certification training with Louisa you can contact our team at louisah@louisahavers.com

As a Success Adviser and Akashic Records Channel, I love to partner with CEO’s and Coaches to help them breakthrough their upper limits in life and business with the guidance of The Akashic Records. It is through working in the Akashic Records that I have had my most significant personal and business growth. And I love helping leaders to expand their consciousness, to find new paths of possibility and to manifest their next level of growth in all areas of life more joyfully and quickly.
I offer private sessions and Voxer coaching in The Akashic Records. You can contact me at clientcare@louisahavers.com to explore available options or learn more at www.louisahavers.com

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