Leslie Atkinson

Certified Consultant
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Ritualizing Pleasurable Expansion, yep I seriously claimed that for me, Leslie!!!

And with that clarity, the Universe expediently delighted me with Akashic Record training in the Soul Journey Method taught by Elizabeth Purvis followed up by self-study with Jennifer Longmore. As I practiced accessing my records I felt a connection that I had been longing for and a sudden urge to not only learn but also share it with others. I actually laughed out loud more than a few times thinking “Could this be me? A healer, really?” At the time I was burnout from chasing work out of town and being pulled away from my family.

I was searching for something and this ignited an internal battle, “Should I continue being a nuclear quality consultant or could I really become a soul reading healer?” Well, the rest they say is history.

I am Leslie Atkinson, a soul rocker that dances with the ebb and flow of inspiration and action. I choose to live fully and integrate all of me. My purpose is to bring peace and harmony through Oneness of the individual and the collective. I am a Quality of Life Adventure Guide who raises the standard of living by playing with the universal laws to really make things happen in this world. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane alongside you or guiding you through than experience that will fulfill a lifelong goal, my desire and hope for everyone is that their lives will be lived. Truly lived. I offer life-changing consultations, strategy sessions, interactive training, as well as done-with-you and done-for-you solutions on all kinds of issues.

Ultimately I believe life is not meant to pass us by in an unknowing flash. Life is meant to be savored, lived, and enjoyed. My desire is for us to truly live and embrace each moment while inspiring those around us all the while. If you are looking for an Adventure Guide or more Quality of Life, then I invite you to taste the powerful healing medicine of your Akashic Records. With your permission, I can guide you to connect with your energetic imprint in the Akashic Field so that you can access divine knowledge and truth. If you are ready for a pleasurable uplifting energetic experience, then book a session now. If you want to poke around and online stalk me you will discover a menagerie of offerings at www.leslieatkinson.com all of which can be customized to serve you or your organization’s highest good.

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