Katie Garber

Certified Consultant
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Website: www.katie-garber.com

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m an intuitive channel, assisting others in aligning to their soul’s Divine Purpose and unlocking their Expansive Potential.

During an insatiable search exploring a plethora of healing modalities and meditation techniques, I began hearing an insistent call from my soul. ‘You’re going to sell everything and move to India,’ it whispered. This guidance eventually grew into a daily chant and after three months of the same message, I decided to put my fears aside and booked a one-way flight to New Delhi. Within the month, I had sold all of my belongings, quit my freelance jobs supporting creative entrepreneurs and nervously boarded the flight. I had zero plans and was headed to a country where I didn’t know a single person.

Eight months into my year of travel through India and Nepal, I was introduced to the Akashic Records. Something deep within told me that this is what I’d been looking for – it was like a light bulb of love going off in my heart center, the joy of finally finding the intuitive connection that could so easily get to the root of an issue and shift patterns instantly. I knew I wanted to explore as much as I could in the Akashic Records and then felt the call to support others in awakening their own mastery of the Records.

Supporting people on their path into love, expansion, alignment and peace through one-on-one support in the Records is one of the most meaningful things in the world to me and I’d be honored to support you in this way.

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