Jia Dafu

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As a clear Channel for Mother Agua(Mother Ocean). I am passionate about supporting humanity to release all 3D concepts of capacities. Revitalizing the golden grids to empower you to express authentically.I have always dreamt big and unrealistic according to others. Everyone around me told me I was demanding – too much – yet the universe always delivered beyond expectations. This is the beauty I see in everyone. “Seeing” is the physical obstacle that stops many from believing in their dreams. But are you not living your dream right now? As a child I came with the knowing that we are more than what we have been given to play with. I manifest beyond expectation at light speed because I have immense capacity to hold opulence and unlimited abundance. This happens for you when you are held in my frequency and this is the true gift for you in choosing to enter my spaces to receive my sacred elixir.

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