Jennifer Field

Certified Consultant
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Discovering the Akashic Records, and the Soul Journeys format of reading and working within these realms, was like someone turning on a light switch for me. Suddenly I had a much clearer context of what I had been feeling my way around the dark in discovering a language for it, and understanding of how to properly navigate what was suddenly, a whole new world.

With the help of this work, I have overcome early childhood trauma, and extreme challenges in my personal and professional life; especially when I lost my home and business in a fire, and my 3 closest relatives all faced major health scares.

Being on the receiving end of this brilliant work, and then becoming a certified consultant, I have been able to reclaim lost power, rebuild myself, our home and business, restore my own health and right relationships, heal past misperceptions, and overcome limitations.

The Akashic Records have helped me anchor a deeper compassion and understanding of myself, others, and the interconnectedness of all things. I am absolutely honored to continue on this incredible path, and be able to support others on their own unique Soul Journey.

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