Jami Hearn

Certified Teacher & Consultant
Click here to email Jami: www.jamihearn.com

Jami Hearn is an Intuitive Oracle and Spiritual Teacher, who is passionate about working with high-achieving, spiritual women, to curate the life of their dreams through accessing the Divine Feminine and inner sovereign power that is her birthright. Through her coaching, readings and retreats, Jami empowers women to release self-judgment, tap into true clarity of path and purpose and reconnect to sacred wisdom, so they can consciously create the life they are truly worthy of.

In addition to hosting the podcast Witches, Bitches and Dead People, Jami has a thriving, international coaching practice, is an Akashic Records Expert and Teacher, and has been a successful attorney for more than 20 years. Walking with a foot in each world allows Jami to intentionally and intuitively guide her clients to the ideal strategy for their individual situation, with flow, ease and grace.

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