Heather Fox

Certified Consultant and an Intuition Guide – Trauma Informed

Heather Fox, founder of She Is Fox, is a Trauma Informed Certified Akashic Records Consultant and an Intuition Guide. She’s played many roles in the corporate world, spoken on global stages, owned various businesses, but what she really does is create a ridiculously safe space for human souls to evolve and transform, which is slightly amazing!

Heather is OBSESSED with creating a safe space for you to be human – let it all flow…the tears, the fears, the joy, the laughter, the humor.  She peels back the layers, beliefs, societal norms, and clears the interferences so you can discover your soulful path.  Her super power is letting you be your most human self, showing you how freakin’ beautiful and amazing that is, and then igniting and rejuvenating your soul.

She’s been most accurately and consistently described as blend of James Bond and Mary Poppins – a fun mix of intellect and intuition with a dollop of loving discipline and angelic magic.

She’s on a mission to show you how to truly love yourself and rejuvenate the life within your soul so you can live out your wildest dreams in your most soul aligned way with confidence and freedom!  Once you learn to love yourself, life becomes magical!



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