Glenda Barber

Certified Teacher & Consultant
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I trust my inner guidance as a heart-centered empath. As I began to express this more naturally through various energy modalities. I learned from a near-death survivor who emulated a Love Frequency that I felt I had come home when immersed in it. It was through receiving guidance while in my own Akashic Records that I realized, I recognized this frequency.

This inner beacon I felt helped me to feel calm and at ease. In my records, I experienced complete shifts in my thinking and behavior. It allows me to tap into this connection of love and oneness quickly. And, the more time I spent in my records, I deepened into awe.

The Soul Journey’s Method for the Akashic Records continues to help me create such a deep transformation that I feel it on a core level. The sense of self-trust and clarity flowing from here helps me to be extremely clear on what the next right action to take. I feel this channel clearly and easily, coming from something that is not me. It allows me to have this connection of love. I continue to see and feel more change in my own life and business with more joy and lightness.

This led me to want to share this with others. And to become a teacher of the Soul Journey’s Method, and I am honored for you to experience this too.

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