Eva Lukas

Certified Consultant
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My Journey with the Akashic Record began May 2010 taking Level One. I found it powerfully awakening. Immediately my life began to evolve as I allowed myself to release tribal energy and amazingly, new, beautiful souls entered my life. I have continued my journey with Jennifer in a variety of programs and now am blessed to have her as a private coach.

Through each encounter I open up a part of me that I’ve never known existed. Many times I am meeting myself for the first time and it is with Jennifer’s unique intuitiveness and gentle ways to create the shifts that served my highest good that I feel I am now living the life I was blessed with.

My miraculous discovery of passion for becoming an Akashic Record Consultant was during Level III . Here I realized the contribution I can be to others in finding the freedom to infinite possibilities through one’s Akashic Record.

As an Akashic Record Consultant from the Soul Journeys School, it is my intent to share this divine wisdom of love and truth with you in Your Soul’s Journey.

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