Emily Lewis

Certified Teacher & Master Consultant – Trauma Informed
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“I am obsessed with helping you squeeze as much juice out of the orange of your life that you possibly can. Once you’re open to the magic and wonder that the universe has in store for you… you’ll see that the possibilities for abundance and miracles are absolutely limitless.”

Emily is a psychic medium, an Akashic Records Reader, a quantum energy healer, and a psychic development coach. Through her business, Emily the Mystic, Emily’s mission is to make spirituality and modern mysticism as approachable and understandable as possible. She loves to help her clients answer the question, “why am I here?” through discovering more about their soul’s mission and purpose in the Akashic Records. She also loves to help her clients discover and remember their own innate intuitive soul gifts.

Emily’s career journey began as a retail buyer in the corporate world, but she felt unfulfilled and completely out of alignment with who she was at a soul level. Emily was passionate about helping others release the stress from working in the corporate world with exercise and nutrition and first began her business as a health and wellness coach. Along the way, she discovered that her favorite part of coaching was giving her clients intuitive and mediumship readings, and she quickly pivoted her business to be focused on spirituality.

It was at this time that Emily first discovered the Akashic Records. Being in the Akashic Records felt like a homecoming. FINALLY, Emily’s soul mission and purpose made sense, and she was able to discover that she needed to be working with her intuitive gifts professionally. Through Jennifer’s Akashic Ascension Codes mentorship, Emily quickly learned that she needed to step into her spiritual business full-time and leave her corporate job.

Emily is now absolutely obsessed with the Akashic Records. Accessing the Records allows Emily to help her clients heal at an even deeper level than a traditional psychic, intuitive, or mediumship reading. By accessing the frequency of the Records in the quantum field, Emily has seen her clients make major shifts and heal energetic blocks in nanoseconds. There is no limit to the possibility for healing, clearing, manifesting within the Akashic Records. Emily is SO excited to help you discover who you are at a soul level and to help you live in alignment with your soul’s mission and purpose.

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