Elizabeth Purvis

Advanced Certified Teacher & Consultant
For more information on live certification training with me, Akashic-inspired group programs and 1-on-1 work (when available), contact our team at teamgoddess@femininemagic.com

As a master coach, business mentor and teacher of magic & manifestation, I have been blessed to dive deep into many transformation and healing modalities. The Akashic Records, as taught by Jennifer Longmore, truly stands apart.

I began my journey in The Records with Jennifer in early 2015. I was in the early days of motherhood and being asked to go to the next level, especially with regard to my purpose to bring the art of magic to the mainstream.

That meant facing my core patterns head on and doing whatever it took to transform and transcend the old limitations. The initiation affected every area of my life: health, wealth and especially relationships!

By doing that work, I have fully stepped into my purpose – flat out, no apologies – expressed through our Feminine Magic® offerings.

What I love most about the Records, and the Record Keepers, are how they hold the space of unconditional love, while asking us to do the sometimes very hard work of stepping into 100% alignment.

The Akashic Records are Love and Truth. In the Records, I continue to be humbled by the energy of LOVE. IF you have never experienced unconditional love before, you will find it here. I believe this love truly is the deepest level of healing available, just as Jennifer says.

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