Donna Bowditch

Certified Consultant
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For most of my life I’ve been on a spiritual journey period from the time I started learning about Christ consciousness I was always asking questions to learn and understand more but no one could give me the answers that I was searching for. I kept being called to find these answers and because I couldn’t it started me on the path of many many years of struggling silently with depression and eventually being medicated for it. The deep feelings of no self worth and always a huge people pleaser to try and compensate for this.

In 2016 I had my first Akashic record reading from a friend and I was absolutely gobsmacked at the information and the deep transformational healing it provided for me. To say the least it… was life changing.

I had to know more. I had to know how I could help myself and others heal like I did. This is such an incredible and powerful journey I am on and I am very excited to be able to help others.

My life has gone from serious depression and being stuck in a never ending cycle of limiting beliefs to living a full embodied life, fulfilled with love, joy, excitement and peace and also help me connect on a deeper level with animals

As a Certified Akashic Record Consultant I am extremely passionate about helping others discover their gifts and go deeper into healing and “embrace their working through their shadow side” and also connect them with their TRUTH about who they really are and help them step into their full power.

If you’re up for a straight shooting conversation and healing and ready to do the work then I would be honored to guide you though this amazing experience.

I would be honored to assist you on your soul’s journey.

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