Christine Johel

Certified Consultant
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Before meeting Jennifer or hearing of her, my old belief system of myself was all an illusion. I was a shy, fearful person with very low self-esteem. I was a person who would avoid being noticed or to draw any attention to myself in social or family gatherings. Being the centre of attention was a foreign concept to me. Ever since Jennifer and Baljit introduced me to Akashic Record readings, I am able to be centre of attention, be noticed, speak my truth, be in my Divine Light and be part of life. My old escape from reality was to daydream of another life or to read them in romantic novels. Now I am living life and experiencing new things.

In my journey, I was led to my life’s purpose of guiding, supporting and healing others in their life’s purpose. As an Akashic Record Consultant from the Soul Journeys School, it is my intent to support you through your journey.

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