Ca Saundra Phillips

Advanced Certified Teacher & Consultant
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Before my journey of the Akashic Soul Records, I was lost. It was as if I was talking a different language than everyone else. I was not able to use the tools I had available well, and I was misdirected and misguided. I was only doing what I was taught from childhood; how to survive, not how to thrive.

Once I was taught the Akashic Soul Records, I was able to speak my true language and start living my life the way it was intended to be lived. I found spreading truth to anyone who showed up in my life, felt so right.

I am now able to serve people 1-on-1 soul coaching and teaching the Akashic Soul Records, Levels 1 through 3! I have also extended my knowledge to the Akashic Ascension Codes, helping people even further. I know I am meant to serve to a degree like no other, with my trendsetting ways and showing others how to manifest & co-create like me and my clients. With my Cutting-Edge insight, I help others see their true purpose and help them back on their right track. By teaming up with me, I will be able to open up your beautiful records and communicate with your Record Keepers. I can help you get to those incredibly deep issues that seem to be running your show, bring those problems to light, and allow you to become who you truly are! I help you become the MAIN character in your life again! With my competitive advantage creating rapid change, I am always staying up to date with how to best serve you due to having the unique ability to identify what others don’t.

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