Brandi Thiessen

Certified Consultant
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For nearly my entire life, I felt like I didn’t belong to this world. Not only that I didn’t belong, but that I didn’t overly want to be here anymore either. I had spent a lot of time trying to convince others of my value, by over extending myself, working ridiculous hours and waving goodbye to possible social or romantic relationships in the process. I also became very good at hiding, staying enough on the radar to make my business run, but not enough to take it to the level I felt inside me that it could be. The belief that this was all pointless, and that I was powerless to whatever may come my way, only ensured that my world became more and more closed off.

As I let my world become closed off, my anxiety, depression, frustration and anger only fuel more feelings of their kind. I had arrived at a point in my life where I was no longer enjoying my passion of working with horses, and struggled to simply keep up with the ‘flow of life’, as I drowned in thoughts of what felt like reliefless misery. As I lived in my wounding, any romantic relationships I pursued felt empty and pointless. The same results relived over in seeming repetition left me me hurt, or worse, numb feeling.

After seeing the changes taking place in a friends life (and perspectives of it!) who had enrolled in Soul Journeys Akashic Records with Baljit Rayat (Lotus Destiny), I decided this was something I absolutely had to do for myself.

I stepped into Level 1 Soul Journeys with a genuine eagerness and excitement. This entire process was filled with a full feeling of ‘coming home’. With the sacred information received in my Akashic records, it set me on the journey of allowing myself to become who I was meant to be. Going forward, my entire reality shifted. As the layers of non serving beliefs were lifted, my relationship with my higher self began the most powerful transformation. The closer I became with self, the more compassion, love, joy, excitement, ease and relief I experienced within my life. Hidden deep and ‘dark’ beliefs and trauma’s were let go of, and I felt like my eyes were just open for the first time.

With the help of my teacher Baljit, my passion had reignited itself in such a irresistible way. I began practicing animal communication much more, revamped my entire business, and most importantly, I found the ‘real me’, who turned out to be someone more powerful and loving than I had ever imagined possible before. I began to understand why I am here, and that all of my work in the records, with horses and animal communication are simply all examples of healing modalities.

I am here to assist both humans and animals in their journeys together.

It is my privilege to offer a helping hand for you too, should you also be seeking to find the ‘real you’.

MW Akashic Records & Animal Communication

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