Arriya Kingrey

Advanced Certified Consultant
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When I first heard of the akashic records I knew nothing about it! I have studied many different paths to create change for myself and with my clients but there was something that stuck out for me and kept calling me back to learn more. I found my way to Jennifer and have been on an amazing path learning to trust myself, and to access the information I was seeking from others from myself instead – from my records.

This changes everything! I jumped right in to all three levels, and am now studying the teacher training.I’m so excited to do this work for myself and for my clients, to see the amazing shifts that take place is so much more powerful than anything I have experienced. Now I am able to weave my intuitive business consulting, sales strategy and mastery transformational coaching for women entrepreneurs together and create even more profound results, aligning myself and my clients to our own unique truth.

I’m excited to support my clients to stand in their power with their intuition so they can live, lead, and speak their soul truth and fulfill their big mission in their business (and their life).

Visit to learn more and listen to my podcast, The Inspired Woman Project. You can book a conversation, an akashic records reading, or business energy alignment session to discover what’s next for you!

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