Anna Östrand

Master Consultant – Trauma Informed
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“Quantum Alignment & Freedom; a convergence of mind, body & spirit”.

When I found my way to the Akashic Records, it was eye-opening. I realized that this is what I have been doing all my life. I just never knew how to describe it.

So many things have clicked into place since. The records have given me a whole new level of understanding of my gifts. The Master Certification gave me the tools to utilize my unique gifts & help my clients go deeper than ever before.

Working with the Records is magical, direct communication with your heart & soul.

I get the biggest thrills from facilitating deep soul remembrances of Purpose, what my clients agreed from a soul contract to come here to be & do. I help my clients embody their potential by healing the deliberate separation created between their physicality & soul.

My work helps to transcend the physical constructs of the body. It brings awareness to the interconnectedness between the emotional, spiritual & physical realms, equal energy work & practical implementation, with conscious movement & alignment.

Frustration in the body is a sign, THE sign, that you are ready for the new paradigm way, the vibrational way.

Your body was never just a meat suit, it’s the vessel of your soul.

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