Alyse Bacine

Advanced Certified Teacher & Consultant
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Alyse Bacine is a Breathwork Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and the CEO of Alyse Breathes LLC. She has her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and certifications in both Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Practices, as well as an extensive background in the mental health field where she served as a school counselor for 10+ years and received a grant to implement a meditation program at her school.

Knowing that she always wanted to expand her mission of healing familial and ancestral trauma, and normalizing meditation, and breathwork practices, she opened her own business and quickly became a six-figure mentor. Alyse has been featured in top publications like Oprah Magazine, Well and Good and Nylon.

Alyse helps high-achieving women that feel stuck in their wealth, partnership, psychic abilities, and/or trauma, transform their current realities to get to their next-level selves. Her programs are deeply rooted in healing so that women can navigate work, love, and life as powerful leaders, without the burden of trauma playing a role in their highest potential.

Alyse’s focus in The Akashic Records is to heal familial and ancestral trauma. Alyse has always been deeply connected to the records. She can easily see what is blocking you from your next level and will utilize the records to heal and shift that block so that you can step into your highest timeline.

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