Alison Stokes

Certified Consultant
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Like so many others, I have always been searching for faster and more effective ways to access instant Healing Energy for the physical body, as well as the mental & emotional levels. With the Soul Journeys Method I feel I can now end my search, as this method of consulting the Sacred Akashic Records, has given me the freedom, information and control that I was lacking.

My path to this point was filled with fear, anxiety, struggle and depression, which stemmed from a belief I had long held, that I didn’t belong here on this Planet, and I was doomed to remain here isolated, broke and alone. Over the past 25 years, I had qualified in many Healing Techniques, both here in Ireland and abroad, from Hawaiian Reiki (Earth energy) to Tibetan Dae Jeng Kong (Sound energy,) desperately hoping to find a cure for my Depression and various physical ailments that Western Doctors could not treat.

Finally, I followed my intuitive prompts to treat myself to an Akashic Records Reading with Alicia Isaacs Howes, who had qualified as a Master Teacher & Consultant with Jennifer Longmore. Things began to slowly turn around, and I became so fascinated and curious about the contents of my Akashic Records, that I finally decided to become a Certified Consultant myself, and plunged right in to the Training Courses.

I have experienced a Spiritual connection to the Universe, far more expansive and accelerated, than I could ever had imagined, which gave meaning to my very existence, and illuminated my purpose here on many levels. My explorations with my own Akashic Record Keepers, have sharpened my intuitive awareness and insight, giving me a higher level of clarity and vision in my Readings with Clients. The Soul Journeys Method has tied in so well with my previous qualifications as an Astrologer and Counsellor, and enabled me to assist others in finding and removing the origin of their pain and confusion, and empowering them to take control of their Health, Finances and Relationships, and turn things around for themselves, as I did.

The honour and privilege of working in these Sacred Akashic Records continues to both humble and amaze me, and I’m excited at the prospect of delving into the Akashic Records for others who continue to struggle and feel blocked on their life’s path. I’m overjoyed to be able to work in the Akashic Records as a Consultant for others, as I can now assist them in finding out the reasons why they keep repeating the same patterns or partners and shift those to attract the experiences, opportunities and relationships they’d love!

So if you’re ready to clear the hidden patterns in your life, your relationships, your health and money issues, then I’d love to dive right in and aide you to explore your unique path on this Planet, and support you on your voyage.

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