Milada Sakic (financial and business astrologer, healer, and teacher) is known for her inspiring astrology writing and intuitive coaching about the ongoing planetary shifts and cosmic cycles.  In her private and group coaching programs, Milada helps healers and creative visionaries to be clear, consistent, and relevant in their marketing and emerge as a leading voice in their niche.


  • How Milada found her way into astrology.
  • How the Bosnia/Croatia war impacted her.
  • What’s going on in the global astrology chart. 
  • The buildup of the energy with the Australian fires. 
  • How the energy of fear keeps coming up.
  • How do we lead during these times?
  • Why we’ll be under this energy until 2023. 
  • “This is a time to speak our truth and wholeness rather than trauma.”
  • How to create space to heal during this time. 
  • How to discern with the correct information of history. 
  • “It’s our responsibility to decolonize information right now.”
  • The importance of leading ourselves first. 
  • How we can be resilient to mind control.
  • “If we really want to expose the issues of the system, we’re going to have to go deeper and remember we will be guided.”
  • “All of our systems are being dismantled to be in alignment with the new paradigm.”

You can connect and follow her astro updates on Facebook at  and visit her website at for more information.