6 Things You Need to Know About Your Purpose

Are you living a life that want to get out of bed for? Or do you find yourself relying on the snooze button, hitting it in an effort to temporarily postpone the tasks (THE LIFE) ahead of you? Okay, look, not every day is going to be a winner. Some days are just plain,...

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Money as a Magnifier

Money can often hold stories. Every culture has folk tales surrounding the concept, advantages, and downfalls in the quest for financial security. What has been YOUR money story? What beliefs, helpful or harmful, do you hold around money? Our relationship with money...

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3 Simple Ways to Stop Questioning Yourself

We are given limited time on this earth to experience the depth of being human and the breadth of our spiritual natures. Why then, do we often choose to place inordinate amounts of time and energy into patterns that immobile our professional and personal growth? It's...

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Manifesting Magic

I imagine we have all heard every version of the what the phrase manifesting entails. Some of us think of the law of attraction while others conjure up scenarios that may include mantras, sacred rituals, or tapping into the wisdom of our spiritual guides. It sure can...

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Accessing Divine Gifts Through the Akashic Records

Do you remember how fun and fascinating participating in a scavenger hunt was as a kid? Holding the map felt like holding a key to a coveted treasure. The anticipation would build in your body, your sense of wonder and curiosity would be ignited, and the reward of...

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The Path of Purpose

Do you remember how, as new graduates or college-bound young adults, many of us were asked repeatedly to think about what we wanted to do what we wanted to be what our purpose was? It was asked as if Purpose were some static, mysterious, pie-in-the-sky key to our...

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4 Tips for Taking Your Business to the Next Level

I'm going to take you back for a minute; to a time of wonder and delight. Bear with me. I promise I'll make it relevant to the challenges, and rewards, of being a successful business leader. And I'll leave you with details on a new dynamic offering I am so proud to...

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