How often have you said “If I had the money, I would do ______________” or “I would start ____________ if I could afford it”?
If that sounds a little too familiar, then you are hiding behind the ‘not enough money’excuse!
Before you can begin to truly heal your money story and start to lead a Rich Life, you need to discover the root of your money story.
What is a ‘Rich Life’? It’s a life that feels abundant on every level – financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Where you have the wealth you desire, and you receive it with joy. Find out if YOU are living a Rich Life with my bonus quiz below!
Here are four common reasons that money could be a source of hopelessness, frustration, and confusion in your life:

1. Fear of Personal Power

Often we don’t know how to manage our energy and authentic power, so rather than embracing our light we hide from it because we don’t consciously understand it. But this only leads to sustained feelings of disempowerment and disconnection.
When we learn to celebrate our greatness and manage our infinite light and expansiveness, it actually becomes a joy rather than a burden. If this resonates for you, what is it costing you to fear your own divinity?

2. Fear of Having It All

Do you have the ‘what will others think’ syndrome? This may be the pain point in your money story. What is the price you’ve paid in the past when others have perceived you as having it all? How safe do you feel when life is going well? How often do you find yourself dulling your light and creating problems in order to make others feel more comfortable and to normalize yourself? More importantly, what is the price that you have paid (and are currently paying) to stay locked in this fear?

3. Fear of Leaving the Tribe Behind

Do you make decisions based on what your family and/or friends expect from you? How often do you find yourself putting your life on hold, suppressing your dreams, and playing small because you’re afraid of disappointing others by moving on?
It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! You can still remain energetically connected to others if you choose, while still soaring in your own life. You are not abandoning or rejecting others when you live your life to it’s fullest – you are actually providing others with a model of how they can live a fearless and full life if they so choose. If you are waiting for others to give you permission to move on while they stay behind, you are likely going to be waiting for a long time. Can you live with that? More importantly, what is it costing you to waiting for the green light?

4. Fear of Not Being Worthy Enough

If you have received messages that you are not worthy or not lovable, you may feel that you do not have a right to receive money. Since money is energy, it may also hit a deep chord inside of you that you are not worthy of anything divine. The truth is that you are an extension of the creator, and as an infinite being of light have a divine entitlement to your divine birthrights, including wealth. Until this is healed within, you will continue to be disconnected from the energy of money. In not healing this, what is that costing you?
So, when we are holding ourselves back, but using money as the reason, you can see how it’s really NOT about the money! It’s actually about protecting yourself from the pain generated from one (or more) of these fears. And, until these fears are cleared, your unhealthy money story will continue.
The key for you right now, is to identify which fear is most prominent, and find a new way of shifting the energy so that it no longer acts as a barrier to your fullest potential.

Is your Rich Life being blocked by your money story?

It’s not always easy to know how your mental blocks are affecting your life – it can manifest in ways that aren’t even related to money. But I’m here to help!
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