Listen to Jennifer Longmore while she explains how our consciousness is shifting to a 5D reality as many people are starting to wake up. This is known as the Great Awakening and it’s truly just getting started. This episode offers a breakdown into 5D and why this is an incredibly exciting time to be alive.


  • What does “false light” mean?
  • What is the difference between 3D and 5D consciousness and how does 4D bridge the two?
  • The differences between the archetypes and how they are being affected right now. 
  • Accessing and understanding the archetypes
  • Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential by Caroline Myss
  • Why we’re more intuitive during this time.
  • Why Jennifer doesn’t want to be in 5D all the time. 
  • “Truth has a frequency and it will pull us towards it. We’re always on the search for it, whether we’re aware of it or not, so we will find the truth.”
  • We’re moving to the Law of One.
  • Why Jennifer has felt a shift in our time continuum. 

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