Jennifer Longmore’s intention for this podcast and for this particular episode is to provide hope and faith that we seem to be missing on the planet. Her deepest desire is to support as many people as possible right now. She’ll be providing different tools that may resonate with you and help you during this volatile time. 

She’ll also be discussing the Akashic records — an amazing and timeless tool that can help support us, as Jennifer has been working with the records for over 13 years. She’s done over 30,000 Akashic record readings and leads the #1 Training School for Akashic Records. 

Her book, Divine Guidance in the Akashic Records, is available on her website here:


  • “Akashic records at their core are love and truth.”
  • The Akashic records are an energetic document (library) from all of our lifetimes.
  • Jennifer discusses what the Akashic Records can do for us. 
  • “Being in the energy of our records can clear the veil of illusion while simultaneously aligning us with our truth.”
  • The discomfort of hearing the truth. 
  • The Great Awakening and what we’re currently dismantling.
  • How the records are helping us protect our third eye.
  • “One thing we’re certain of is we are truly in the midst of the Great Awakening.”
  • How the records can facilitate emotional healing and get us back into alignment. 
  • “There is nothing wrong with you during this time – you’re being bombarded right now with a lot of chaos and it’s normal to be fatigued.”
  • Why Jennifer believes we’re just getting started with the Great Awakening. 
  • “You chose to be here during this Great Awakening.”
  • “There is a reason why our frequency needed to be here during this time on the planet.”
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