What do you deserve?

Yes, I’m asking YOU.

Take a one minute to write a quick list, stream-of-consciousness style (which means don’t battle with what first pops into your mind!), of what you believe you deserve. Nothing is off limit; this list could be career-oriented, spiritually focused, relationship-based, or may even include physical things.

Now, we’ll refer back to that list shortly. But first, let’s break down the concept of deserving.

What must a person believe about themselves to not have enough?

What we believe we deserve is made up of a concoction of life experience (positive and negative), trauma, and complex belief systems. If you were continually told that you ask for too much or demand too much, you’ll flat out stop asking. Eventually, you’ll begin to believe you that aren’t worthy of having your needs met at all. This manifests in a variety of ways, including being drawn into toxic relationships and career choices AND having a difficult time leaving them.

We only seek and allow things to the degree that we think we deserve them.

It all boils down to allowance.
Allowing money in.
Allowing the universe to support you.
Allowing others to support you.
Allowing yourself to surrender to the divine mind (and releasing the need to know).

But, in order to welcome allowance, how do we let go of the pride and sense of safety we’ve developed (i.e. a self-defense mechanism to prevent us from feeling abandoned or like a failure…aka a way to keep us SMALL)?

#1 Develop healthy boundaries
Allowing doesn’t mean we simply are so open that we let every inherent sense of discernment and judgement fall to the wayside. That is a recipe for disaster! Instead, we must consciously work on creating healthy boundaries. Start by identifying your emotional, spiritual, and physical limits. When do you feel too anxious, too stressed, or not valued? What do you know to be a trigger for feelings of unsafety or insecurity? Commit to being aware of these limits in your daily life and taking care to communicate when you’ve been pushed too far.

#2 Practice Saying Yes
Let me be clear: this doesn’t equate to saying yes when you feel uncertain, unsafe, or in any way pressured. This means allowing yourself slowly to open up to possibilities. It means practicing what it feels like to say YES to people, choices, and experiences you may have always wanted to explore but never felt supported enough or valued enough. Think of this as a life in which you no longer have to manage resistance. It also means saying yes to YOURSELF by honoring your body and mind with self-care rituals.

#3 Connecting to Your Breath
Your breath is your built-in compass and diagnostic tool. It helps you to navigate the landscape of being human as well as helps you remain in-check with your stuck places. Getting in tune with your breath can help resolve where you are carrying extra tension, unhealed wounds, old stories, and limiting thought patterns. Breathwork is a true art form and anyone can begin this work FREE and RIGHT NOW. There are many diverse ways to practice breathwork, including alternate nostril breathing and abdominal breathing.

Now, refer back to the list you wrote about what you believe you deserve. For those things you added, but have yet to allow in, ask yourself WHY. And then, ask yourself HOW you can start to say yes

When we begin to allow, we embrace the concept of radical acceptance of our infinite selves…alive and thriving in possibility and abundance.



Jennifer Longmore, Business Energetics Expert, is a leading expert on creating profitable, sustainable businesses. As a 3-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice and now is best known for teaching others how they can do the same. She is a serial entrepreneur who runs several 7 and 8 figure empires, is a savvy investor, and master money coach, who teaches her success practices in money and biz so that you can have multiple thriving empires too!