Do you remember how, as new graduates or college-bound young adults, many of us were asked repeatedly to think about what we wanted to do what we wanted to be what our purpose was?

It was asked as if Purpose were some static, mysterious, pie-in-the-sky key to our future happiness, as if Purpose was something granted to us as a rite of passage.
Many of us racked our brains for what our Purpose could possibly be. After all, without a defined Purpose, would we be successful in a career, a relationship, or any creative endeavor?
It seemed that, certainly, Purpose went hand in hand with privilege. Our culture would have us think that those who had been dealt a harder hand in life certainly didn’t seem to have as much Purpose. Or perhaps they just didn’t work hard enough to FIND it or be deserving of it.
What a fallacy we have been fed!

In case you needed to hear it (and contrary to what you may have been told) PURPOSE:

  • Is JOYFUL and part of EVERYONE
  • Belongs to you
  • Is owned to no one
  • Is not something you have to find or seek
  • Is something that no one else can identify for you (though a trusted mentor may help ask clarifying questions and provide gentle guidance)
  • Can shift/change at various points in your lifetime (or you may have more than one purpose)

What exactly is Purpose? How can intertwining your Purpose with your business vision lead to increased business growth, success, and viability? How can a mentor help you be accountable and in alignment with your Purpose?

What is Purpose?

Your purpose is simply an alignment of creative and/or spiritual frequencies. It is the way your innermost energetic vibration (passion/spirit/lovingkindness/creativity/giving) becomes congruent with external energetic vibration (action/drive/doing/creating/receiving).

It is that moment of connection, a bridge joining a desire to a need.

Your purpose is a journey, not a destination.

Purpose remains continually curious and often feels childlike in its wonder. It is that part of us that seeks to know more deeply, listen more clearly, open more fully, expand more exponentially and that feels completely fulfilled in this state.

Purpose is when you are awakened, moment to moment, and fully alive in connecting, serving, doing, and being unconditionally.

On a logistical level, Purpose can look like an infinite number of things and is unique to each person. It may be that your Purpose(s) is:

  • To serve the underprivileged
  • To create art (music, writing, poetry, painting, medicine, handcrafting, singing, fashion, architecture, designart is endless in possibility!)
  • To midwife others through transitions in life (birth, rites of passage, sickness, death)
  • To take what you KNOW and LOVE and create a successful business that serves other well
  • To be a gatekeeper (of stories, traditions, culture, etc.)
  • To be storyteller or a listener or a voice or a changemaker
  • To deconstruct, to rebuild, to resist, to relent
  • To know yourself, to serve your higher good, to connect to Source
  • To fully experience the pleasures of being human

How can intertwining your Purpose with your business vision lead to increased business growth, success, and viability?

Put very simply and powerfully, fulfilling and acting within your Purpose CREATES SPACE. The ability to give and receives becomes abundant!

When we resist tuning in to our Purpose, we constrict our hearts and our minds. We spend inordinate amounts of time feeling stuck, or bound up, or frustrated with work, life, and spirituality.

In terms of owning and running a business, operating without Purpose feels scattered and often impacts our clients, customers, and overall business goals. We take on too much, don’t push ourselves enough, sell ourselves short, fizzle out on new business ideas, feel like we are letting people down, and find ourselves burned out.

But tapping into our Purpose that space of inquisitiveness, cosmic interconnection, and bliss opens up space in our hearts and bodies. We can literally feel how more room is created; to think, to act, to serve, to spark new ideas. Operating without our Purpose allows us to make decisions with more clarity, solve problems and provides solutions more organically, and communicate from a place of holy authenticity.

Think of realigning ourselves with our divine Purpose as cleaning out clogged pipes and drains. Once they are unclogged, everything flows freely!

That’s why I love the Akashic Records – I never have to worry about getting things wrong in my business because I’m ALWAYS receiving divine guidance about what business activities serve the consciousness of my business AND my soul’s purpose.

How can a mentor help you be accountable and in alignment with your Purpose?

While no one can tell you what your Purpose is (half the fun is figuring it out yourself), never underestimate the support of a carefully chosen mentor.

Finding someone you trust to give you bits of guidance along the way helps to keep you accountable for checking in with your Purpose. Mentors can give gentle, but fierce, reminders in the form of questions such as:

  • What feels most true to you right now?
  • Are you operating in your highest good?
  • When do you feel most alive? (Do more of THAT!)
  • Does your business feel reciprocal? (The energy you give out is the energy that returns)
  • Do you cultivate curiosity daily?
  • Are your inherent needs being met?
  • Are you creating space (body, heart, mind, spirit) or do you feel constricted/suffocated?

How do you tune in to your Purpose?

Remember that Purpose isn’t something that appears and disappears. It is part of you and simply needs to be tended to like any living entity.

Tune in by taking time for self-care, self-reflection, and by being willing to question everything.

This can come in a variety of forms, but includes surrounding yourself with people you trust as well as eliminating toxic entanglements (personal and business).

You’ll need to dedicate time to listen to yourself, whether it’s through meditation, exercise, journaling, nature therapy, art, healthy habits, or (fill in the blank).

Try some good deep breathing exercises and take note of what you feel in that sacred space between inhale and exhale. Ask your body to tell you what it needs, what feel like your Purpose in the here and now. You’ll be able to identify it. But also, be prepared to be surprised! Sometimes our Purpose may not be what we expect!

Take note of the moments in your life where your acts of creating/giving/passion feel solidly met by a need being fulfilled. THAT is Purpose! When space is created, the possibilities open up.

Go and be vast, you beautiful stars. Unleash. Seek what is already within you. Bloom. With Purpose.

Jennifer Longmore, Business Energetics Expert, is a leading expert on creating profitable, sustainable businesses. As a 3-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice and now is best known for teaching others how they can do the same. She is a serial entrepreneur who runs several 7 and 8 figure empires, is a savvy investor, and master money coach, who teaches her success practices in money and biz so that you can have multiple thriving empires too!