Milada Sakic (financial and business astrologer, healer, and teacher) is known for her inspiring astrology writing and intuitive coaching about the ongoing planetary shifts and cosmic cycles.  In her private and group coaching programs, Milada helps healers and creative visionaries to be clear, consistent, and relevant in their marketing and emerge as a leading voice in their niche.


  • The U.S. election season and the impact that it has on us individually and the world.
  • Jennifer’s perspective of Donald Trump.
  • Milada’s perspective of Donald Trump. 
  • The psychological mind control that is happening in U.S. elections. 
  • Donald Trump’s agenda on human trafficking. 
  • The cycles that have to play out whether or not Trump wins the election. 
  • This is the age of accountability. 
  • The shady real estate deals that astrology is revealing.
  • The significance of the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in December.
  • November and December is the next hot spot for a shift. 
  • Why you absolutely must vote.
  • The observer role is no longer acceptable.
  • Who Milada believes will win the U.S. election. 
  • This is not the year to be complacent—remember that nothing is a done deal.

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