I imagine we have all heard every version of the what the phrase manifesting entails. Some of us think of the law of attraction while others conjure up scenarios that may include mantras, sacred rituals, or tapping into the wisdom of our spiritual guides.

It sure can become easy to allow ourselves to get overwhelmed with the idea that we must manifest correctly or that there’s a right was to use our powers of manifestation. In the end, holding fast to these sorts of expectations only add to our frustration and sets ourselves up for failure. We often mistakenly become our own self-fulfilling prophecy!

I encourage you to release yourself from such pressures. By doing this, you create space to allow in the energy of possibility, inherent self-worth, and gloriously succulent abundance to flow in.

Remember that, the truth is, manifesting is simply the recognition that intention is powerful.

What we assign focus and meaning to is often what is revealed or delivered to us in some form. This includes both positive and negative energy.

Intention is how we choose to place energy behind actions and words. You’ve heard the saying It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. While I find wisdom in this I also believe that intention exists in both WHAT you say/do and HOW you say/do it. Words and actions should inhabit the spirit of creation vs. destruction.

And THIS is the crux of manifestation; harnessing intention that honors the sacred interconnectedness of all things (both living physically and living in the energetic realm of the mind). Connection is alignment.

And when we align with the divine universal laws we manifest creation. In turn, this spirit of creation breeds new ideas, encourages nurturing and self-love, establishes physical and spiritual wellbeing, develops healthy relationships, and brings about incredible business growth and financial health.

Here are 4 simple ways to remain in a manifestation mindset throughout your day:

  1. Focus on a wide-lens perspective vs. a narrow view. This means practicing the art of detaching yourself from a problem or a tough situation and seeing it from a different perspective. Just as the eagle sees the world from a bird’s eye view a landscape splayed before him with possibility you also have the ability to shift gears and step outside of yourself. You may be surprised at the solutions you come up with when you let go out outside pressures and expectations. This simple practice allows you to clear the clouds from your mind and manifest what feels most true and what you are currently capable of handling. Ask yourself: What is/isn’t within your circle of control? What is/isn’t within your circle of influence?
  2. Remember to stay in touch with your body. Don’t forget to breathe literally! Cheek in daily with your body and ask where it is feeling tension, confusion, sadness, or distress. Tend to these parts with loving acts of self-care. When the body is healthy and balanced it functions as your energetic field for manifestation energy, your spiritual roadmap. You will literally be able to feel the manifestation magic flowing through you once blockages are removed.
  3. Create and express every day! Releasing stuck emotions through creative means of expression creates that necessary space to channel our intentions and open our hearts to bounty. This could mean creating a ritual in which you dedicate an amount of time (even a few minutes!) to journaling, writing, making music, crafting, painting/art, cooking, etc. The extra bonus is your act of creation often adds a much-needed gift to the world!
  4. Don’t forget the power of mantras or affirmations. Write these in your journals, on your bathroom mirror in lipstick, in secret spots on your body, or in love letters to yourself.

Manifestation magic is about showing up authentically, without our masks on, and being unapologetic about asking for what we truly need. It’s about owning your unique life goals, being willing to walk the path to meet and exceed them, and honoring the space you take up in this world.

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Jennifer Longmore, Business Energetics Expert, is a leading expert on creating profitable, sustainable businesses. As a 3-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice and now is best known for teaching others how they can do the same. She is a serial entrepreneur who runs several 7 and 8 figure empires, is a savvy investor, and master money coach, who teaches her success practices in money and biz so that you can have multiple thriving empires too!