janneI met Jennifer Longmore at a pivotal point in my life: I felt a huge disconnect between life and work as I was experiencing it — wildly discontented but lost as to what my true ‘life work’ might actually be. I’d recently left the corporate world and was considering my next steps.
As Jennifer accessed the Akashic Records on my behalf, I was able to find clarity and set a new direction in life that was aligned to who I am at soul level, and brought me the joy and lightness I was looking for. And bonus! Over the course of our work together, my PTS and trauma surrounding a serious motor vehicle accident was healed in quantum leaps.
From these experiences I quickly realized the Akashic Records were a key — not only to discovering my soul purpose — but to aligning with that purpose, to living life ‘on purpose’ and to creating my desired life: consciously, powerfully, soulfully.
Working in my own records was just the beginning…as a health and wellness transformation coach, I wanted to bring these same mindset shifts and quantum leaps to my clients to serve them more holistically: body, mind and soul.
Fast forward to today: as a Certified Akashic Records Consultant in the Soul Journeys ® Method, I share my passion for transformative living with others who want to create clarity, flow and heart-led, purposeful lives. I access the Akashic Records to help people quickly and effectively move beyond the stories, patterns and non-realities in their lives, identify and clear blocks and restrictions, and consciously co-create healthy, joyful, fulfilling lives.
To create a life that YOU love, connect with me at http://transformativelivinginternational.com/contact-me/