We’re going to be diving into the intense feelings that you may be experiencing. There are some incredible energy shifts taking place on the planet right now. In this episode, Jennifer shares with you what those symptoms are and what is influencing them.

(Jennifer is channeling information during this episode, so there are pauses in some areas of this episode.)


  • The planets that are currently in retrograde. 
  • Why we’re being asked to recalibrate into these energies.
  • Why we’re going to see prison reform. 
  • “We’re going to be accessing spirit through our dream state.”
  • The evil corruption that is going to be coming to light. 
  • The one thing that you’re going to be feeling is that you can’t get enough sleep. 
  • “We’re grieving what we thought to be true.”
  • Feeling anxious/restless is normal right now, as well as feeling more accident-prone.
  • There is a need to focus on digestion—to fast, eat things that are lighter, drink more water.
  • Everyone is going through some sort of adrenal fatigue – we’re inundated with information with what is true and what isn’t. 
  • The doTERRA oil that Jennifer has been taking: “Slim and Sassy” https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/slim-and-sassy-oil
  • It’s normal if your vision is off—your spiritual vision and physical vision.
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