stones-1058367_1280Just like your body, the earth, food and everything else on the planet, your business has its own consciousness.
It has things that it wishes to create in a way that is aligned to its own divine plan. So, when we are not in harmony with its consciousness, thing do not flow at full capacity.
When the consciousness of your biz is not being fully expressed or when there’s interference of some sort, you can experience the following:
• drying up of income, clients and opportunities
• lack of clarity in decision making or how to serve clients
• feeling disconnected and unmotivated to work with it to create big things
• experiencing turn over of team members
• hearing crickets when it comes to launching your programs
• feeling like any marketing activity isn’t converting
• fill in the blank
When you clear the consciousness of your business in the Akashic Records (whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it with you), it can create an instant sense of expansion, lightness, alignment and flow.
Once we clear our hooks, chords, imprints, other people’s projections and much more through various quadrants in our biz, it is free to align to its highest potential and evidence appears to prove that right, such as:
• influx of clients, cash flow, opportunities
• team members either step up in their role or new, more aligned team members are attracted
• marketing messages are clear and effective
• referrals are abundant
• you feel connected and engaged with your biz in a way that’s fun and purposeful
• you stop chasing cookie-cutter solutions and let the consciousness of your biz dictate what it wants and how to achieve it with ease and joy
• you can focus your energy on expanding the vision, serving and enjoying your time freedom (rather than riding the feast or famine rollercoaster)
• and so much more!
Here are some questions to get started in connecting with the consciousness of your biz:
1. What are you wishing to create with me this year?
2. What is asking to be released in order to create that?
3. What is asking to be called in?
4. How can I amp up my stewardship of the business in the most aligned way for all?
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