We are awakening. As exciting as that is, it’s a rollercoaster ride full of emotions and perceptions. This podcast episode will explain the journey that we’re all on — the ups and downs and all of its many stages. Hopefully, this episode will serve you with a deeper understanding that you’re not going crazy. This is perfectly normal and actually quite divine. It’s all happening for us. 

(Jennifer is channeling information during this episode, so there are pauses in some areas.)


  • We start with a deep feeling of loss for the life that we thought we were creating and what was. 
  • Then we move into shock—walking around like a zombie, looking for ways to be distracted.
  • Many of us are feeling numb and wanting to check out.
  • “The things that worked in the past, no longer work.”
  • The good news is that we will evolve our coping skills through this. 
  • We’ve all been moving through denial – we’re learning about things that are unbelievable.
  • “Truth has a frequency and the human spirit has a natural inclination to learn the truth.”
  • Fear is at the root of all of this. 
  • Many of us are feeling panicked for what’s to come and what no longer is.
  • The good news is that light absolutely wins—there is a tremendous amount of hope out of this situation.
  • What we need most is hope and faith during this time. 
  • The role that Jennifer has been guided to play.
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