Christof Melchizedek delivers insights that inspire purpose and possibility. 

He’s an entrepreneur, speaker, shamanic facilitator, and highly sought after leadership coach. He’s also a dad, a husband and a man with a belief that creating a conscious community of change starts in our hearts and homes.

Christof has spent 25 years working with fortune 500 executives, pro-athletes, entrepreneurs, and experts in health, performance, the healing arts, psychology, and leadership. Coined a ‘spiritual futurist’, Christof has a real gift in translating ancient spiritual teachings in new and practical ways the western mind can apply. 

His teachings combine a beautiful blend of arts and science. He’s spent his entire life studying formally with degrees in psychology, physical education, and energy medicine with Brennan Healing Science, and informally learning from some of the brightest minds in shamanism with lineages of Africa and the Amazon for seven years. 

It’s been this experience that led him to start the Neo-shamanic society – A school that develops the incredible neo-shamanic facilitators that will evolve our people and our planet. Christof and his team have also facilitated hundreds of epic experiences gathering like-minds on top of sacred mountains, secluded tropical islands, jungles and ancient pyramids. He offers guided plant-medicine initiations that are like “10 years of therapy in 15 days.” 

On the live and virtual stage, Christof knows how to captivate the hearts and minds of his audience like no other. He’s often invited to share his insights and predictions on some of the most popular podcasts and shows. And he’s passionate about leading an urgent global conversation about redefining leadership in these evolving times. You can learn more here:


  • The experience with Covid in New Zealand.
  • What Christof is seeing with his galactic channeling for the remainder of 2020. 
  • “Expect the unexpected and be prudent.”
  • The puppet masters inside the White House and the overall globalist agenda. 
  • Why it’s important to decipher if you’re triggered by Trump’s personality or his policy?
  • “The second half of the year is going to be challenging.”
  • Why he believes we’ll see Covid numbers get higher in swing states.
  • We need to acknowledge that we’re in a silent war. 
  • Prepare in the hope that you don’t need it— food, water, silver, gold. 
  • Inflation and recession is on the way, in Cristof’s opinion. 
  • “Are you prepared for winter in order to get to spring?”
  • Cristof’s thoughts on what to think if you’ve recently lost your job. 
  • “It’s God’s design that all of this is happening.”
  • Practical ways to navigate this matrix and the deprogramming that’s involved. 
  • How to shift into a new reality. 
  • Morning ritual to start your day in the heightened vibration:
  • Are you willing to wake up an hour earlier in order to transform the planet to get your frequency in the most heightened state?
  • Why you don’t need to be afraid of 5G.