There is currently an astounding amount of energy to process as we continue into the journey of the Great Awakening. During this time, ascension symptoms are going to be completely normal. They will appear each time you’re calibrating to a new frequency. There are many light portals that are opening up on the planet so we’re all going to be feeling them exponentially. It’s a good thing — we’re shedding programming from this lifetime and previous past lifetimes.


  • How long you might feel these ascension symptoms.
  • The emphasis of 2012. 
  • “If you have these symptoms you’re not falling apart. You’re actually coming together.”
  • General aches/pains; discomfort; low-grade throbs/headaches; growing pains; neck pain
  • “Everything in the body has to adjust when we calibrate to a new frequency.”
  • Our cells know what to do so it’s not something we have to be frightened from.
  • Jennifer’s thoughts on vaccines and how our bodies know what to do with them. 
  • Why we need to drink more water.
  • Big jolts of energy running through our body.
  • “It’s normal to feel like an emotional rollercoaster right now.”
  • You can ask your higher self if these are ascension symptoms and ask them to help you process them.
  • “There’s nothing like the purity of nature to restore us to the Law of One.”
  • The importance of nature and spending time with animals.
  • Relationships change during this time — relationship with food, clothes, friendships, relationships.
  • Unusual sleep patterns.
  • Why you need more sleep during this time. 

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