20 Surefire Questions to Uncover Your PassionOne of the things I love about teaching the Akashic Records and facilitating readings is that I have the privilege of helping people uncover their passion. So many of us stifle that energy for various reasons and it effects in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies when we do.
– we may be afraid to be ‘too much’ for others when sharing our passion
– we may be afraid to ‘fail’ at it
– we may never have been encouraged to do so or given permission
– we may not have had real life models for passion in our lives
– we may have interference from other spaces and times that keep us frozen in a particular pattern that prevents us from lighting the flame
– we may have been violated and have shut down our creative centers (namely our sacral and throat chakras)
These are just a few reasons that we disconnect from our passion.
So, how do we reconnect? Well, there are a ton of ways including engaging our creative energy even if we judge ourselves to not be creative (ahem, we are all extensions of the creative life force energy).
There are also simple, yet profound questions we can ask ourselves to begin moving the energy and awakening/expanding this part of ourselves:

1. What did I love to do in my childhood?
2. When do I feel like I’m in ‘the zone’?
3. When do I feel the lightest/most expansive?
4. Who/what brings me joy?
5. With whom or what do I feel most like myself?
6. What do I admire most about people who inspire me (list their qualities)?
7. When do I feel most present, where I have no concept of time?
8. What intuitive downloads/nudges continue coming to me?
9. What do I want to be known for, as in, if I walked into a conversation, what would I want to overhear people saying about me?
10. If I could be/do anything without the limitation of not enough time/money/energy/support, what would I do?
11. When do I feel the most aligned? What comes natural to me?
12. If I knew I was going to leave my body and transition in 6 months, what would I do with that precious time?
13. If my future self had a message for me about what I’m doing, how I’m spending my time and who I’m spending it with, what would it be?
14. How do I wish to feel day-to-day?
15. What’s asking to be released from my life to make that happen?
16. What’s asking to come in?
17. If I was my own magic wand, what would I be creating?
18. If I could participate in any cause, which am I most passionate about and why?
19. What’s my plan to get more involved in that cause and how does it feel when I take those actions?
20. What support do I need to call in to help me magnify my passion and share it with the world while staying out of my own way?
These are great starting points and are made even more powerful when accessing the Akashic Records – just read the types of things that have happened for others when they work in the Records to expand their passion and purpose.
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