Regardless of background, location, financial position or life experiences – at our core, our mental blocks when it comes to money and abundance are the same.

Strip away the excuses, and justifications, and reasons why we think our situation is different, and our thinking starts to fall in familiar patterns. Patterns that I’ve seen repeated through thousands of people worldwide and over many years.

Let’s focus on money and abundance – so many of us hold feelings of frustration around money. How can I get more? How can I hold on to what I have? Why does money seem to leave as soon as it arrives?

Think of a time where you received a financial boost – maybe a bonus, a small win, or an unexpected client. And then something happened to clean out that money just as fast, a broken down car. A medical emergency. A pipe bursts and floods your home. This is a perfect example of money leaving as soon as it arrives!

So, today I’m going to share the 18 common reasons why money isn’t sticking around in your life – how many apply to you?

1. Scarcity or lack happens TO you.

Instead of making the magic happen yourself, you hide away and just hope that the Client Fairy will deliver new customers to you.

2. You say you want money, but you don’t act like it.

You waste time doing things that aren’t aligned to your outcome. Four hours of networking on Facebook isn’t moving you ahead now, is it? Remember my favorite formula – Aligned Thought + Aligned Action = Aligned Results.

3. You keep looking at what you DON’T want.

Be careful what you think of, because it will come true! What you focus on will expand, so if you constantly moan about a lack of opportunities or no money – guess what? You’ll get more of that!

4. You aren’t clear on what you want.

This leads to vague messages to the Universe, which delivers vague results.

5. You only think in a linear fashion.

You want A, followed by B, to finally reach C. That’s not how it always works – what if you could jump to D then move back to C? There are more creative possibilities that all lead to your ultimate goal, so focusing on only one way will shut you off from other (potentially easier) opportunities.

6. Your mindset focuses on the obstacle or the struggle.

Similar to #3, but this time you are spending energy thinking about the negative rather than looking at what’s working. All that does is distract you from looking forward – and at the progress you’ve made.

7. You resent success and wealth in other people.

OUCH. This one hits home for a lot of people, but by resenting the success of others you are in fact blocking your own. Comparing yourself to others just reeks of bad energy.

8. You associate with other people who have the same mindset.

And by the same mindset, I mean a poverty consciousness. Ever had a lunch with a friend where you both complained about how poor you were? That’s what I’m talking about. (Remember – you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This isn’t just a woo-woo saying, it has been proven by science.)

9. You think everything is a disaster.

Traffic jam? You say it’s the worst one all year. Broke a heel? That’d be right. Lower than expected income this month? Of course, because that’s what your life is like. (News flash: it’s only that way because you’re thinking it will be that way.)

10. You think you can do it better.

Support is a dirty word to you – because people always let you down, or you’re not good enough, or nobody can do it as well as you can. This blocks your receiving muscle, so you are given less opportunities to receive.

11. It’s all or nothing.

This is like an energetic get out of jail free card – and it again brings up feelings of lack or limitation. Because if it’s not exactly how you want it, then you want nothing. Or that’s what you energy says. And that’s a wild rollercoaster to ride.

12. You don’t want to know the numbers.

Sticking your head in the sand about your financial position isn’t going to make it better. How can you make the best decisions if you don’t know where you are now? How will you know what success you’ve had, or what’s working? Even top CEOs can think like this.

13. You identify with a struggle mentality.

You were taught that struggle is everywhere, and you have to work hard for a long time to see results. So it’s not surprising that every blog post, every client, every bill brings with it some kind of drama. Because this is the way it has to be, right?

14. Fear runs your life.

Do you say no because it’s not right for you, or because you’re scared? What is really driving your decisions?

15. You don’t celebrate the good stuff.

Do you pause and bask in your success, or just wait for the other shoe to drop? Gratitude is SO powerful – I actually write a love letter to my business every day, and take note of what I appreciate. When I don’t I can see a tangible drop in my business. Think it’s crazy? Try it and see.

16. You follow the cool kids.

You watch the influencers in your world and start to blindly adopt the opinions that they have. If you loved purple but they announced that purple is out, suddenly you question your own taste. This makes you highly susceptible to the opinions of others – which doesn’t allow your own intuition to speak.

17. You have no vision for your money.

Your vision is your guide – so if you have none, you can easily become bored and lack motivation. Why are you doing all of this? Beyond a figure in a bank account, what’s the bigger reason?

18. You aren’t investing in support.

There’s only so much we can push upon our motivation or willpower before it fails us. That’s where mentoring and support come into play. You can’t do everything on your own, and surrounded by people who don’t think the same way that you do (or want to). What you need is a guide who has done it before, and knows where you will trip so they are there to catch you when you fall.

How many hit home for you?

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