Soul Acceleration Club

Are you *really* ready to make quantum leaps in your life, accelerate your soul’s journey, fully align to your purpose and awaken as a conscious co-creator?

Dear creative visionaries, lightworkers, wisdom-keepers, and heart-centered souls:

Welcome and joyful greetings to you! My name is Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert. As internationally acclaimed host of Soul Purpose Central, 2-time best selling author, and founder of the Soul Journeys ® School for Akashic Studies, I have helped people remember who they really are through over 20,000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEOs of leading companies, and other influential luminaries.

Throughout my personal journey as a direct channel to all levels of consciousness, universal principles, and sacred truths, I have accumulated an immense amount of wisdom about the soul, the ascension process, the divine mind and the school of infinite intelligence and am called to now share that with you!

It is my passion and purpose to support souls in realizing their gifts, talents, soul purpose, awakening to universal truth, and accelerating their souls’ growth.

It is also my passion to help people reconnect with Source, themselves, the planet, and all that is, while grounding in the vessel that is their human body, and create the richest, most joyous, abundant, soul-filled human experience that facilitates the deepest shift in all layers of their consciousness and multi-dimensionality.

Are you ready to open to the same universal consciousness?

If so, then I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of a very special program that is near and dear to my heart: The Soul Journeys ® Soul Acceleration Club.

This miracle-rich, soul ascension program is designed to provide you with a variety of multidimensional tools of information, energy activations, and wisdom teachings each month that accelerates your soul’s journey, fully align you to your soul’s purpose, and amplify your co-creative abilities and much, much, more.

Imagine the infinite opportunities for your soul’s growth!

It is my JOY to powerfully align you to your most abundant, joyous, purpose-filled path! Just ask the amazing souls that I have had the sincere privilege to serve on their journey:

I can now envision living beyond my wildest dreams

BaljitRayatBefore partnering with Jennifer my life was filled with anxiety and fear and I felt like something was missing but didn’t know what. I was really motivated to live my life joyfully with Freedom and Power, but had no idea in how to access it or what my soul’s purpose was. Since working with her, my life is 100% better. I noticed powerful results after just 2 sessions with her, and I even noticed changes in my physical features and my confidence. With her empowering guidance, I took the leap and moved across country to live in the location of my dreams and opened my own full-time healing practice. For the first time, I can now envision living beyond my wildest dreams and that feels absolutely liberating!

Baljit Rayat

shown me HOW healing is as infinite as it is real and possible

It is the greatest blessing to find a teacher who has THE most enlightened answer to every question you ever asked, always addressing the very core of the issue at hand. Therefore, I will forever honour the energy, knowledge, and blessings of one of the most amazing teachers walking amongst us today, Jennifer Longmore, who MiladaSakichas shown me HOW healing is as infinite as it is real and possible, in a most joyous, gentle and loving way.


Why join The Soul Journeys ® Soul Acceleration Club?

When you participate in these exclusive, life-changing calls and join in with a powerful, like-intended group, aligned to the power of the pure Infinite Creative Life Force, you will activate, align and accelerate your soul’s purpose exponentially!

Just feel all of the magical possibilities!

During these monthly one hour acceleration calls on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, I or my select guest expert will transmit divine energies and wisdom for each month’s topic so that you can:

  • clear limiting patterns and energy blocks that hold you back from BE-ing all that you are;
  • activate all of your divine gifts and co-creative abilities so that you can thrive in your greatness;
  • align to your soul’s purpose so that you can fully enJOY your most abundant, expansive, and enlightened path;
  • connect with the Creative Life Force intelligence and access to all that is;
  • accelerate your soul’s mastery, and so much more!

I truly want you, and anyone else you may know, to receive these amazing calls so that you can further illuminate your greatness throughout 2012 and beyond!

Now that I am serving differently and am less available for one-on-one sessions, I’ve created this program especially for you to make these healing and ascension energies, and wisdom teachings accessible as we journey through the New Paradigm.Preparing you for this monumental shift is a significant part of my soul’s purpose which is why I am so eager to share these powerful activations through this special program AND at such an affordable rate.

If you were partnering with me one-on-one for this powerful activation, your investment would be a minimum of $997, BUT, because this energy shift is so important and you benefit everyone when you are illuminating your greatness, so I’m thrilled to make this transformational club available to you for only $37 per month.

Here is what you receive when you join the exclusive soul acceleration club:

  • A monthly 1hr call on a variety of energy activations or wisdom teachings led by me or my selected authorities on soul ascension at 7pm EST on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (***there are no pre-requisites so you can join at any time***)
  • A monthly 1hr laser coaching and Q & A call directly with me where you can ask anything about ascension, the divine mind, or access information from the school of infinite intelligence (how cool is that?!) at at 7pm EST on the 4th Wednesday of each month
  • All call recordings sent right to your inbox within 48 hours of the call (***this is really great if you can’t make all of the calls live***)
  • Insider access to other Soul Journeys ® products and programs before their official launch AND at a discounted rate exclusively to you
  • All of the inner shifts and soul acceleration listed above as a result of exclusive access to these monthly calls, and so much more!

You really have nothing to lose. All that you need to do now to join this exclusive club is click the button below

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email *within 24 hours* with all the information you need.
Wishing you rich, abundant blessings and I look forward to seeing you on the calls,


P.S. I’m sure you have loved ones who would benefit from this program too. Please feel free to share the love and receive a special, heartfelt gift for being the torch that lights someone else’s flame!